So what are Seed Balls and how do you make them?

Seed balls are a combination of dry powdered clay, organic compost and seeds and are a fantastic way to easily grow plants in a wide variety of habitats.

They are exptremely easy to make and even easier to disperse.

Begin with one part dry seeds. I'm using seeds from a mixture of about a dozen native flowering plants that I collected myself. You should only collect your own seeds if you are sure of the species. We need to be careful not to propoagate any more harmful invasive plants that decrease diversity. In most locations you can find companies that sell local native seeds and seed mixes. We often purchase our seeds from these sources. A lsit of ones we use can be found here.

The second ingredient is 3 parts organic compost which can be found at garden shops or home stores.

The third ingredient is 5 parts dry terra cotta clay powder. You can find this at either ceramic supply stores or online.

Finally, you need some water to moisten the mixture so that it can be formed into balls.

Place all your ingredients into a container large enough to comfortably mix them without spilling.

Before you add the water you need to thoroughly mix the dry ingredients.