The Society for a Re-Natural Environment, or SRNE, is a multi-faceted, re-environmental organization dedicated to identifying, protecting, and occasionally enhancing elements of wild, non-human nature that exist or have re-inserted themselves into human dominated habitats. The SRNE is dedicated to disseminating information regarding often overlooked, everyday experiences of the re-natural world.

Although we operate largely as a non-profit organization, we currently are not certified as a non-profit and instead function as a self-regulated, self-funded* group dedicated to education and action regarding the Re-Natural Environment. We are also committed to educating the public about specific examples of significant human transformation of the ecosystems they live in.
*Additional funding comes primarily from memberships and donations from generous individuals. We also receive a small amount of funding from merchandise sales.

What is a Re-Natural Environment?

Re-Natural Environments are sites where wild flora and fauna, both native and non-native, are residing, or re-establishing themselves, in severely human-altered habitats.

Because it is precisely urban, suburban, and industrial areas that create most of the problems that contribute to a disconnection from the natural world, we feel that this is the most fruitful area to focus our efforts. We believe that it is only through a profound shift of our relationship to and understanding of all forms of wild nature that real change can begin to take place. In pursuit of this goal, the SRNE is continually undertaking projects to inform the public about the wild nature we encounter every day. We also initiate programs where individuals can take action to increase the number of wild, diverse re-natural environments in their area. Through these activities, the individual has the opportunity to reconnect with unmanaged, "wild" nature, and become an empowered, ecologically friendly citizen.

You can find more information on how to get involved here.


BD Collier, Founder and President
The Society for a Re-Natural Environment