A Brief History

The seeds of the organization were sewn in the 1930's with the birth of SRNE founder and president BD Collier's father, CW Collier. CW is an educator and dedicated nature lover who has spent much of his life teaching children, especially his own, about the joy and wonder of the natural world.

Collier has always had an insatiable desire for a deep connection to wild nature. Growing up in the suburbs of New York, BD's earliest connections with nature were various exotic pets, second growth forests, weedy lots on the edge of housing developments, managed parks, zoos, and television nature documentaries. As a young adult the realization that this 'nature' was in fact an impoverished human construct profoundly affected him. He reacted by venturing out to find what remained of truly wild nature. After years of study, travel, and research about the rapidly-changing global ecosystem, Collier settled down and started building the foundations of The Society for a Re-Natural Environment (SRNE) .

Collier's pre-SRNE projects were centered on personal experiences of the natural world. This early work evolved into investigations of introduced invasive species and the environmental impact of an expanding human population. Finally, he began to work toward the official formation of the SRNE and started developing programs that enabled direct action by both members and the general public.

Today, Collier lectures, exhibits, and engages in sanctioned and unsanctioned public works in order to educate the public about our impact on the natural environment and the value of wild nature in human-dominated landscapes. The SRNE operates almost exclusively in the US.