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Get Involved by Becoming an Acquired Re-Natural Habitat Sponsor

The SRNE has recently initiated a sponsorship program for acquired re-natural habitats. This program allows members of the public have a direct and tangible impact on the amount of protected re-natural environment in the human-dominated landscape.

With a one time cost of $40 per sign you can become an official Re-Natural Acquired Habitat Sponsor (6 or more signs and the price is reduced to $30 per sign). There is a 2 sign minimum for participation in this program.

What you get as a SRNE Acquired Re-Natural Habitat sponsor:

- The knowledge that you are helping to increase wild natural habitat in human-dominated landscapes
- A certificate citing you as sponsor of the Re-Natural Habitat
- A lifetime membership to the SRNE
- A photo and map of the site (additional images are available digitally via email)
- Periodic updates about the site

How is the acquired site selected?

In almost all cases, agents of the SRNE will select your site based on careful research and observations. The size of your site will depend on the number of signs choose. Some sites may have been previously acquired. Sites may not necessarily occur in the town you live in, although that may be requested. Information regarding the exact location of the site is sensitive and should be protected.

What happens in the case of site removal or destruction?

If the signs have not been stolen: An SRNE field operative will acquire a new site by reusing the signs from the old site. You will receive a new set of maps and images from your new site.

If the signs have been stolen and the site destroyed: You get a framed photo of the site with a certificate citing a history of the site and its destruction, and an opportunity to sponsor a new site at a 50% discount.

The priority of all acquired sites is the needs of wild plants and animals. The SRNE will accept all responsibility for problems with individuals or other organizations this priority might cause.

Please send all inquiries to:

BD Collier, Founder and President
The Society for a Re-Natural Environment