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The Society for a Re-Natural Environment: Re-Natural Habitat Acquisition Program Information

Human dominated habitats are filled with a surprising amount of underutilized space consisting primarily of manicured green areas commonly know as “lawns,” and disregarded areas known as “waste spaces,” “weedy lots,” “roadsides,” etc. The SRNE has started acquiring portions of these areas to allow them to re-develop into unmanaged wild spaces.

This program is centered on the tactical acquisition of small, marginal, underutilized sites by placing custom-made “Keep Out” signs around them. These signs are meant to discourage disruptive human activities. The isolation of these sites is intended to turn them into small re-natural wilderness preserves which will primarily benefit small birds, small mammals, and invertebrates.

This is one of many programs initiated by the SRNE . The primary goal of the SRNE is to refocus our understanding of the wild nature that exists, or has reinserted itself, into urban, suburban, and severely human-altered areas. We achieve this through a variety of projects and educational programs designed to bring attention to wild nature that is adapting to these human-dominated landscapes. Additionally, the SRNE pursues projects to help sites conventionally thought of as “weedy” be reinterpreted as valuable. The Habitat Acquisition Program allows sites to be protected from harmful human intervention, allowing them to develop into fully mature re-natural environments.

BD Collier, Founder and President
The Society for a Re-Natural Environment