Location: grassy hilltop across from the new performing arts center on the corner of Wyandotte & 16 th in Kansas City , MO

Acquisition date: 10.27.2008

Number of keep out signs used: 10

Total area: approximately .2 acres

Condition of site when acquired: mowed, unused

Last observed on: 09.25.2009

Condition of site when last observed: Area just outside the signs has been mown, area behind signs has developed well with many mature grasses and flowers. A lot of bird and invertebrate activity observed including: house finches, American robin, European starling, many different species of bee and butterfly.

Acquisition agent(s): BD Collier, Karin Hodgin Jones

Contacted about site: No

Notes: I had been observing this site for about 4 months and have seen no active use. The site is periodically maintained by mowing. A conversation with a maintenance worker from the KCTA (who was maintaining the landscaping around the nearby bus stop) revealed that the site was not owned by the KCTA. He did not know who owned or maintained the site, but had noticed it being periodically mowed. The site is bordered by a fence on one side and an unmanaged ‘wild' area on the steepest portion of the hill. This proximity to an existing re-natural environment made this extremely attractive as an acquisition site because of nearby wild plants and animals that will inhabit the new site as it develops. A large border of mowed grass was left surrounding the site nearest the road surface. The proximity to the new unfinished Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts might garner a higher level of attention when the site is completed.