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Location: waste space adjacent to building on NE corner of W. 8 th St & May St., Kansas City, MO

Acquisition date: 06.21.2008

Number of keep out signs used: 2

Total area: approximately .034435 acres

Condition of site when acquired: unmanaged, people let their dogs void themselves at the site

Last observed on: 9.20.2009

Condition of site when last observed: site developing well, still being used by dogs

Acquisition agent(s): BD Collier

Contacted about site: No

Notes: I had been observing this site longer than any others in Kansas City. It is a waste space created by a change in the use of the building it is adjacent to. It appears to have originally been access to a coal dump or other underground space in the building. The access has long since been sealed and the space was graveled over. Unmanaged wild plants have grown up through the gravel over the years. Local residents have apparently been using it as a place for their dogs to void wastes. We decided that this use was not disruptive to the development of the site so “DOGS WELCOME” was written on the keep out signs.