Location: undeveloped lot on the corner of 3 rd and Holmes, Kansas City , MO

Acquisition date: 07.17.2008

Number of keep out signs used: 8

Total area: approximately 1.06 acres

Condition of site when acquired: partly mowed, undeveloped mixed forest with areas of grasses and forbs, inhabited by a relatively large number of animals and a small population of urban nomads. A large percentage of the site was in a wild state before the signs were placed.

Last observed on: 9.25.2009

Condition of site when last observed: signs still in place, unrestricted growth of plants continues, numerous birds and butterflies observed at the site, some traces of urban nomads found

Acquisition agent(s): BD Collier, Kristin Dykstra, Dan Wayne

Sponsor: Dan Wayne

Contacted about site: No

Notes: We were informed about this site by Mr. Wayne who was interested in having a majority of it protected from further mowing and or spraying. My Wayne is part owner of the land the site is on. Although we feel that we are being used to some degree, we will take any opportunity to increase the amount of re-natural environment. It was particularly attractive because it is by far the largest site we have acquired to date. Another difference is the small population of urban nomads that are believed to inhabit the site. We have yet to make contact with the nomads, but are considering asking them to be stewards of the habitat. Due to the presence of the nomads, this site is considered experimental. Further observation and a survey of floral and faunal species needs to be done before the site is considered a mature re-natural habitat.