Location: underutilized grassy median, Kansas City , MO

Acquisition date: 4.19.2008

Number of keep out signs used: 7

Total area: approximately .011983 acre

Condition of site when acquired: mowed, unutilized space

Last observed on: 8.15.2008

Condition of site when last observed: signs removed due to political pressure by KC officials, site completely destroyed by mowing

Acquisition agent(s): BD Collier, Zachary Springer

Sponsor: NO

Contacted about site: YES, by email (see attached document)

Notes: After many months of observation we observed no activity at this site aside from periodic mowing. It is a small but protected grassy area that we believed had good potential as habitat for birds, small mammals and invertebrates. The acquisition of the site has attracted a lot of attention apparently due to its location in the Crossroads Art District.

*Although the site was never used for anything and remains unused (as of Fall 2009) a large amount of pressure was applied on the SRNE to remove this site. We removed the site when promises were made to include SRNE officials in conversations about future 'green' art programs in the Crossroads neighborhood. After removing the site all our attempts at correspondence to follow up on this promise were ignored. We have concluded that local property owners, crossroads arts district officials and other relevant city officials acted in an unprofessional and devious manner and that their commitment to environmentally responsible land management and artwork placement in Kansas City is dubious at best.