Location: Fletcher Benton Sculpture, front lawn of the Krannert Museum , University of Illinois , Champaign , IL

Acquisition date: 4.19.2007

Number of keep out signs used: 9

Total area: approximately .010330 acres

Condition of site when acquired: a sparrow pair was observed nesting in to top portion of the sculpture, the area around the sculpture was mowed with an extreme lack of floral diversity.

Last observed on: 5.20.2007 (site re-absorbed by the human-altered landscape)

Condition of site when last observed: The museum staff asked us to remove the signs after a month. Just before the signs were removed the site was showing evidence of increased plant diversity and wild animal use.

Acquisition agent(s): BD Collier

Sponsor: NO

Contacted about site: YES, verbally asked to remove the signs so it could be re-acclimated for human use

Notes: The selection of this site was due to the active sparrow nest we found there. We wanted to create a re-natural buffer for the parent birds and nestlings. We believed that increased wild plant and insect activity at the site would provide more food for the young and a healthier environment.