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Location: undeveloped lot, south farms area, University of Illinois , Champaign , IL

Acquisition date: 11.29.2006

Number of keep out signs used: 4

Total area: approximately .005739 acre

Condition of site when acquired: recently mowed, active groundhog burrow

Last observed on: 07.15.2009

Condition of site when last observed: although the site looks undisturbed, a construction fence has been put up around the field. effects on the groundhog are currently unknown.

Acquisition agent(s): BD Collier

Sponsor: NO

Contacted about site: Yes, by email

Notes: This was the first habitat acquisition site. We acquired it after locating an active groundhog burrow in the middle of an undeveloped but frequently mowed field at the University of Illinois . We wanted to provide a small undisturbed habitat for the groundhog. See attached email correspondence.